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Monday, February 3, 2014

House = bought!

Most exciting news ever, we bought a house! It's wonderful and we love it. The home-buying process hasn't been as terrifying as I thought it would be. Yet. We haven't had inspections or closed yet. So ask me again in about a month. We close March 3! We have purchased all of the needed appliances ---> refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer. They are all Samsung, which was not on purpose, and they are beautiful. I am so excited. My mind swims at the thought of everything that needs to be done before we move. But I am way more excited than overwhelmed and it is SO AMAZING to know that after moving pretty much once a year since we got married that I will not have to anymore! That is the best feeling.

In other news, just had a birthday and it was a good one. Nathan let me sleep completely uninterrupted on my birthday night which is what I asked him for for my birthday. It was blissful. Especially since Roman is teething right now and doesn't sleep very well at all. I think his schedule is out of whack too, because he's in our room with us. Once we move I hope to get him back to sleeping through the night. Teething has given him cold-like symptoms and I feel terrible for him. He feels awful. He's asleep next to me on the bed and has been for about 1.5 hours. Boy needs his rest and hasn't been able to sleep without being next to me or Nathan lately. Poor baby. 

Today is a snow day. Kind of stupid considering I'm pretty sure we could have had school and now we only have one snow day left before we have to add days. I do not want to go to school in June, but I LOVE days home with my boy. And I got to take a long shower and shave both of my legs. This is the life! : ) Brought Roman in the shower with me in his bumbo to get his nasal passages steamed out. Dude loves the shower. He's so cute! 

Saturday night we went to Chili's after church for my birthday and ordered Roman his first restaurant food. Mashed potatoes. Hold the gravy. He liked them a lot and ate about 1/3 of the order. Growing up so fast. Speaking of his food. I should go make him some while he's asleep. 

Til next time...

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